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Listing Compliance and MLS Listing

Please upload the SIGNED listing agreement to start the MLS listing. 

Exclusive Right to Sell (TXR-1101)
Executed Contract

For your reference, below is a list of the commonly required documents

  • Exclusive Right to Sell (TXR-1101)

  • Information About Brokerage Services (TXR 2501)

  • Seller's Disclosure Notice (TXR 1406)

  • Seller's Acknowledgement of Seller's Disclosure

  • CMA

  • Seller's Net Sheet

  • Wire Fraud Notice or TXR 2517

  • MUD/LID Disclosure or Water District Notice

  • Other conditionally required documents

The only required document to upload now if you need help with listing the property is the Exclusive Right to Sell (TXR-1101). 

If you already have an executed contract, both the listing agreement and executed contract are required.

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