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Buyer's Compliance

The only required documents to upload now is the Residential Buyer Representation Agreement and the Executed Contract

TXR 1501
TXR or Builder Contract

If you have additional contract documents available, please upload below:


For your reference, here is a list of documents that may be required or conditionally required for compliance.

  • Information About Brokerage Services (TXR 2501)

  • Buyer’s Representation Agreement (TXR 1501)

  • General Information and Notice to Buyer (TXR 1506)

  • Wire Fraud Notice or TXR 2517 Signed

  • Executed Contract (TXR or Builder Contract)

  • Third Party Financing Addendum (TXR 1901) (Conditionally Required)

  • Seller's Disclosure Notice (TXR 1406) (Conditionally Required)

  • Buyer Acknowledgement of Sellers Disclosure Notice (Conditionally Required)

  • Inspector Information (TXR 2506) or the Inspection Report 

  • MUD/LID Disclosure or Water District Notice (Conditionally Required)

  • Addendum for Property Subject to Mandatory Membership (TXR 1922) (Conditionally Required)

  • Other conditionally required documents

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